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"Love From A To Z is the second book in P. G. Forte's Love Lessons series. It was a fun, sexy and completely satisfying book. I just loved April and Zach. I learned about April at the same time that she did. Zach was the man that I want! When the two had sex, the room lit up and so did I! The secondary characters, April's uncle and cousin, were wonderfully described and added a second level of interest to this story. April was an incredibly interesting woman, who worked with Zach to figure out exactly who she was. Her confusion led her to try a variety of acts to see what felt right. Zach was with her throughout the entire program, and the more they were together, the more they loved each other. The plot was seamless, with a variety of twists and turns that made the book even more interesting. The ending was incredible and nothing that I had expected. I have enjoyed other books of Ms. Forte, but Love From A To Z is my favorite so far. You will love this book."

Rating: 5 Stars     Heat Level: O
Reviewed by: Marcy Arbitman for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"[April] and Zach have a developing relationship that is a very nicely done mix of quiet fun moments and really hot love scenes that include the use of toys and Zach's sexy love guru knowledge on how to hit all of a woman's right spots. Author PG Forte has done something amazing here - she's written in hot sex scenes and some introspective moments of bonding so that they coexist nicely in the main characters' relationship to the point that I find the love scenes too sexy at times because the emotions felt by the characters come off as pretty real."

Rating: 89
Reviewed by: Mrs. Giggles

"This is the second book in the Lessons In Love series from P.G. Forte. It is just as great as the first book was! Love From A To Z is a smart, witty contemporary love story whose main characters are instantly likable. I wanted Angel/April to remember who she was, yet I was highly entertained watching Zach introduce her to ordinary things like pancakes. This book is a fast read, mostly because it’s so interesting. The secondary characters are as disagreeable as can be, just the way they’re supposed to be. The interplay between good and bad is fun to watch. And April’s response to her greedy relations is perfect for the situation. This book is well written and intelligent. It is a pleasure to read. I sincerely hope there will be a third book in this series!"

Rating: 5 Angels
Reviewed by: Marlene for Fallen Angel Reviews

"This was a great story. To start your life over with a man like Zach, oh sign me up, lol. The story started great and built into one of the best stories I have read in a while. I look forward to reading more of P.G. Forte."

Rating: 4 Roses
Reviewed by: Nicole for My Book Cravings