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Love without Limits,Romance without Rules!
Life's more fun when you play outside the lines.


"Edge of Heaven by P.G. Forte was a creatively funny and sexy story from start to finish. Not only did I love the world "Limbo" that P.G. created, I fell in love with the main characters, too. I have to admit that this book caught me by surprise. It's not like anything I've ever read before. It has a very unique and fresh perspective about love, loss and the afterlife and I loved every minute of it."

Rating: 5 Stars!
Reviewed by: Daisiemae for Night Owl Reviews

"I was overwhelmingly moved by Edge of Heaven. The emotional pull between Mattie and Edge was so strong, I swear I could feel it. Mattie's patience, understanding and compassionate nature made it easy to fall in love. I found Edge's nervousness and uncertainty endearing and I loved that about his first sexual experience with a man. Call me naive, but I had no idea sex between two men could be so hot. PG Forte made me a believer."

Rating: 5 Angels!
Reviewed by: Tara for Fallen Angel Reviews

"P.G Forte's Edge of Heaven is a very complex and compelling read...When you want to read a book with hot, angelic man-love and a beautiful plot that will make you think a little, Edge of Heaven is the book to pick up."

Rating: 4 Kisses!
Reviewed by: Tina for Two Lips Reviews

"I really enjoyed reading Edge of Heaven by PG Forte. The story is written in first person present tense from Edge's point of view. I actually enjoyed being in Edge's head and found his thoughts to be quite insightful at revealing his character and flaws and at times they were simply very funny."

Rating: 4 Ravens!
Reviewed by: Penny for Black Raven's Reviews

"Two angels-in-training on a mission to get to heaven with a few detours for hot sex and a happy ending. This is the perfect story for anyone looking for something light, easy, and funny and works great as a beach read."

Rating: 3.5 Cherries!
Reviewed by: Cactus for Whipped Cream Reviews

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