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Iron has been selected as a Finalist for the EPIC 2011 ebook Awards in the Paranormal Erotic Romance category.

"The synopsis for this story was intriguing but the story was even better than I could have anticipated. The author takes the reader into a past time so convincingly that the present is lost. The characters are incredibly well written and their emotions drive the story in a haunting way. Everything about this story hit the right note for me. The characters were amazing, the dialogue spot on. The story flowed along perfectly with a strong plot, deft pacing, and a command of setting that I really enjoyed. The sensual scenes didn't overpower the story and were just right for the characters which is a rare find these days. I found the entire tale enchanting and unique enough that I'll remember it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romance regardless of preferred genres. This story has something for all romance fans."

Rating: 5 Hearts      
Reviewed by: Lottie for    The Romance Studio

"I loved the setting of this story, and P. G. Forte makes it come to life so well. Both Gavin and Aislinn are well defined and intriguing characters, with many layers to their personalities. I love that as the story goes on, Aislinn convinces Gavin that anything agreed upon in their bed is acceptable, as long as they both agree. And I also loved that Gavin came to appreciate Aislinn for herself, needing her to be his wife as herself. The sex is sizzling, and more so because of the time setting. There are tears and laughter here, and the happy ever after is an unusual one. If you enjoy magic and history, this is the book for you."

Rating: 4.5 Cherries      
Reviewed by: Holly for    Whipped Cream

"Iron takes place in nineteenth century Ireland. The author is skillful in creating a real Gaelic flavor. This reader was inspired to believe in the lightness and darkness of fairy tales. I really enjoyed the glimmer of the fae that the author revealed. I should like to think that we all might have a little fae in us."

Rating: 4 stars      
Reviewed by: Jenie P for    Manic Readers

"Gavin was a dreamy hero: physically strong, handsome, naive, straightforward. Aislinn was a good counterpoint to him. She's strongwilled and worldwise. Due to the inherent differences in their natures, they continually misunderstood each other, and caused difficulty in their relationship. Eventually, eventually they found their happily ever after, and I was very happy for them."

Rating: 4 cups      
Reviewed by: Dodie for    Happily Ever After Reviews