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"Let Me Count The Ways was written in the first person, alternating between Mike and Claire. Although I often have trouble with first person novels, Ms. Forte did an admirable job. Mike and Claire were surprisingly well-written, with their various secrets coming to light as necessary. Claire did her best to keep Mike as a "friend with benefits" but Mike was unwilling to stay in the slot in which she put him. I thought that Mike in particular was an amazing character. Almost middle-aged, he nonetheless made erotic and delicious love to Claire. He was a surprise to both me and Claire. Claire came off at the beginning as a self-centered woman, but as I got to know her I liked her more and more. I suggest that you have a toy handy-I certainly needed one. Their lovemaking was graphic and fun. An instance of phone sex had me squirming in my seat! There were a number of interesting twists in this book, but Ms. Forte never lost control of her plot. I expect that you will love Let Me Count The Ways."

Rating: 4/5 Stars     Heat Level: O
Reviewed by: Marcy Arbitman for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"This one is a pretty enjoyable story, what with Claire being the one who has been around the block and Mike being the prim and proper fellow with a naughty side. These two have some pleasant chemistry together. There is a nice balance of sex and playful, more romantic moments in their relationship and I have fun following them to their happy ending.

I also like how the author allows her characters to remain true to form without making too many concessions to the romance novel formula. Claire, for example, does not yearn for a "normal" life. She makes no apologies for being an actress once or enjoying her affairs in the past. While I often find that authors dropping the names of actors as a way to describe how their characters look like too much of a shortcut, I like what Ms Forte does here. She has Claire comparing Mike to Brian Dennehy, for example, but Claire describes why she thinks the comparison is apt, and in such a lovely way too that for a moment I find myself thinking that maybe every woman should have her own Brian Dennehy. "

Rating: 83
Reviewed by: Mrs. Giggles

"PG Forte has written a very different type of romance with two older adults who enjoy sex to the fullest. Even though we are never told the ages of Claire and Mike, they are at a more mature age and are starting on the second half of their lives. Claire comes across as a bit snobbish and believes she can still act like most girls who are half her age. But she does have a sound mind and her past has molded her into the women she has become. They way she treats Mike is a bit sad because all she wants to do is take and not give anything back in return. But Mile has her number and knows what she is all about. He gives his all, right till the very end. I found Mike to be the main reason to read this intelligent and very sexy written tale. Let Me Count the Ways is unlike most books I have read in the past and by the end I wanted Claire to snap out of it and take what Mike is offering. And when Claire finally figures out that a more mature and sensible man is what she needs, that makes for a very happy and believable ending between the two. Passion, issues of trust and honesty all collide in a great read by PG Forte."

Rating: 4 Angels
Reviewed by: Katie for Fallen Angel Reviews